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Available for freelance work in Hamburg or remote.

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Konstantin MünsterWeb & Product Developer
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Hey, I'm Konstantin. I am a freelance web developer with a background in product management.

My passion has always been at the intersection of product and engineering. I mostly work with startups and small companies to create beautiful digital products and web applications. Besides, I write regularly on my blog about web and product development as well as careers.

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I love building products in collaboration with clients but also on my own. Discover some of my recent projects I selected for you.

First Full Stack App
Notion Clone

Notion is one of my favorite apps. I love their clean yet powerful text editor. Hence, I tried to build my own Notion clone. The full-stack app uses an Express backend and Next.js as a decoupled frontend.

Web DevelopmentLearning Project
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Or just want to have a nice chat? Either way, feel free to contact me! You can reach me best by email or on LinkedIn.

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